Software Services

Online Databases developed by the center

  • PASSCOM (Predicted Activity Spectrum of Spices Compounds) - A Database of secondary metabolites of spices.
  • Spicegenes - Spices Germplasm Database.
  • GST Lead Base- Glutathione S-transferase(s) (GST) assay database.
  • Journalfinder - Software for managing inventory of manuscripts to be published in scientific journals.
  • Plasbid - Plant associated bacterial identification database .
  • Chitinase- A composite collection of plant chitinase sequences.
  • Spice EST - Annotated SPICE EST database.
  • CardCC & MPbase- Database of chemical compounds and metabolic pathways in cardamom volatile oil.
  • PAL base - A composite collection of PAL sequences .
  • Phytoweb - A web portal for phytopthora information resources.
  • Radobase - Radopholus database.
  • Spice Bibliography - Service from the Indian Institute of Spices Research compiling the world literature on spices.
  • Spiceprop - spice propagation protocols.
  • Phytolib - A web portal for Phytophthora, Fusarium & Ralstonia literatures.
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